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Process Automation

Process Automation Applications

  Automation of autoclaves, superheated systems.   Terminal Automation
  Automation of FBD & VTD systems.   Distillation column Automation
  Automation of Effluent Treatment plant( UF, NF , RO system )   Emergency Shutdown systems in oil & gas industries.
  Automation of Purified water distribution systems for pharma industries.   Batch Control application in chemical industries.
  Automation of Furnace control system   Feedwater Heater control automation in power plants.

Tank Farm & Gantry Automation

Oil & Gas / Terminal

Complete Detail Engineering/Instrumentation.
Tank parameters monitoring system.
Radar Level transmitters
Integration with SAB tank gauging
Mitsubishi Q PLC System
Elipse SCADA software
Report generation

HP Heater Control System


Level / Temperature Monitoring
Water Level Control
PID controls with Faceplate
Mitsubishi Q PLC & Elipse SCADA system
Report Generation
Real time Trends with Historical data

Distillation Column Automation


Complete system instrumentation
SCADA software for Controlling, Monitoring & Data logging.
Naptha, Kerosene and Petrol extraction
Alarms & safety controls
More than 25 PID loop Control
Mitsubishi Q PLC System

Effluent Treatment Plant Automation

Pharma / Chemical

UF, MF, NF & RO systems
Controlling / Monitoring system
Mitsubishi / AB PLC System
HMI / SCADA systems

Furnace Automation


Mitsubishi Q PLC Redundant System
PID Loop Control
Time / Temperature profile control
Elipse SCADA
Trends, History, alarms & reporting

Purified Water Generation & Distribution System


UF, RO System
PFW / WFI system
Online/offline Report generation & Printing,
HMI/ SCADA based system
PLC/ SCADA validations as per 21CFRpart11
Mitsubishi / Messung PLC

Process Control & Batching System


Turnkey solution, 13 Reactors,
Batching & sequential operation
Raw Material Tracking & report generation
AB- Compact logix PLC, Wonderware SCADA

Insulation Manufacturing Automation


Mitsubishi PLC 1000 I/O system,
Melsecnet Network
32 PID Loops
Interfacing with WinCC scada
Communication with 16 nos AC Drives.
Synchronization of drives
Spinner, Conveyors, Binder, Cooling ,furnace system

Super Heated Water Sterilizer